It’s impossible to shrink yourself into places you’ve already outgrown.

Fire smells like cinnamon in an old house. And of course it’s burning wood.

Those are the things that a knowledgeable person can tell you but won’t.

And then there are the things that knowledgeable people can’t know.

Millions of strangers in a city millions of miles from me and I can still hear my own voice rising

And I understand perfectly because how could Love work any other way than that magic?

And then there are things that I can’t understand no matter how hard I can try

Like how in a galaxy so full I can feel so alone cause I don’t know…

Hating me won’t make people love you- Oh how I so wish those words were true

But come every evening I pray to God that it was just a little less true.

So I’m left to play that smart girl that no one likes

And pretend none of it is important.

Climb on the boat and don’t worry about the shake

Just wait a couple quiet minutes

Well have to get a good while from the shore.

Maybe we still have time to fix this.

I could never be right

You could never let me be wrong

Now we aren’t even tight

But you think you’re where I belong

I never want to see the light of day

I should’ve known you’d do this to me

You don’t see what’s wrong with me

You don’t care for anything I do

But you love it when I’m weak

As long as I’m weaker than you

Through a silver screen

You come to touch me

Say, “I’m what you need.”

And every time I think you’re so right

You’re what I need on a lonely night

So I run and come back to you, eventually

Where I went is not important

All that matters is that I came home


And you must know by now when I did

Everything was different

When I disappeared I changed myself

But that’s as messy as this mess of a rhyme scheme

It was all cold when I ran away

It was still cold when I hunkered down to hide out

It was colder when I finally returned home

Nothing changed, nothing ever changes

Because people can’t change, only the sky can change.

A moment ago no cloudy skies

Now all at once torrential downpour

The sky opens up after weeks on end

Earthshaking thunder and an instant pool in the street

And stop

All at once it’s dry again

The sky will fix her mascara, powder her nose and go on

A few minutes of earthly quiet

And then once more the thunder rolls.

You said “be true”

You said “be mine”

You said “come through”

I said “I’ll try”.

Grey blue clouds press against the city

Just like your hand pressed against my cheek

The broadest skies open up, pour down

Like you opened your soul up to me

All I said was “I’ll try.”

And I tried, didn’t I?

So I’ll come back to you, eventually.

I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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