Your wanted me to be weak,

Therefore forcing me to be strong.

You tried to force compliance,

Therefore tying me to rebellion.

You wanted a hit of my fiery lipstick,

Therefore prompting me to burn you.

You tried to drink from my sacred blood,

Therefore driving me to show you rivers.

I tried to warn you that this would happen,

But you couldn’t hear my voice.

Do you hear me now?

I told you actions have consequences,

But I didn’t exist in your mind then.

Do you see me now?

That’s the trouble, isn’t it?

A fire like yours

A fire like mine

When one tries to hurt the other

It doesn’t work out so well

Because fire is a defensive being-

I warned you that this would happen

When you struck me in the dark,

You forced me to turn and strike back.

I tried to warn you

But you didn’t listen

You tried to hurt me anyway,


I can’t save you from consequences.

Thank you very, very much for reading this poem and please give some other selections a read.

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I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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