Passing by an old brick building on a slow road

I almost laugh to think the last time I was there,

I thought I’d found who I was supposed to be

When I barely knew how to do anything more

Than stay quiet and stay out of everyone’s way.

I told my old soul sisters I’d see them soon

But I haven’t seen those pieces of my heart in a while.

Back then lies went down easy with a smile

And I didn’t know when everything would change

Because all the other new beginnings I prayed for

All too quickly became the worst things I could imagine.

It nearly broke me to know tragedy like the back of my hand,

But every story has its perfect ending and the last days

Were truly (almost) everything they should have been.

Looking back now I felt like I was flying through clouds

Even when all I wanted was to let myself scream again.

I remember dancing around my room, planning a wedding

After the first date, but my dreams were so much bigger

Than those four pink walls could say and I figured them out

Eventually with that launch pad of a town waving goodbye

With an invisible hand smudging my rear view mirror.

I remember guiding the wheel when I was learning

To guide my own hands like only a woman can.

I was realizing there are more important things

Than being wanted and worse things than being lonely

But better things than being alone. Like being a rose

Cradled in the right hands and never wilting.

How funny to think I walked up the stairs

Looking for the face that meant everything

Cause I knew he’d always be waiting for me

But I didn’t know how I really felt, or even

What dreams I would pass on my way to the truth.

Thank you so much for reading this poem. It’s a little bit inspired by personal experiences, so I hope you related to it. If you enjoyed it, please do let me know and feel free to check out more of my work (including poetry and short stories here on Medium).


I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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