For all the times

he drove me up a wall,

all the times he made me

question if being with him

was my best choice ever

or my worst, and for all

the times I screamed that I

never wanted to lay eyes

on him again…

not a day goes by I don’t

miss him terribly.

Not a day goes by my heart

doesn’t ache with bittersweetness

over the life we built together

because he’ll never get

to see it in its glory.

That’s why I could

never remarry;

if you are lucky enough

to find the love of your life

and you lose them,

you don’t get a second

soulmate to ease the pain.

I’m happy now, for the most part,

but I’ll be happy alone

until I get to heaven.

And, oh boy,

do I look forward to that day.

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