Hello you,

So lovely,

Who took time out of your day

To tell me-

Someone you don’t know a tall

That I did good job

On something that matters

And you appreciated that art,

What saddened me today

Was the thought

That no one is going to appreciate

You in turn,

So lovely.

So here it is-

You are lovely, and I appreciate that.

To S for today. For J, to everyday.


Thank you for reading, and I hope you are appreciated today. Pay it forward by saying a kind thing to someone else.

My last poem is available here: https://medium.com/@briannarduffin/i-tried-didnt-i-d08f216f280f

Other recent poetry and personal essays on the most meaningful topics, ranging from 1 minute reads to 20!: https://medium.com/@briannarduffin/latest

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