Roxane, I read this story when the first episode of Medium Playback came out but it wasn’t until this week that I finally got my hands on Hunger. I wanted to devour it but I couldn’t because I don’t really have enough time which somehow I think you’ll appreciate it (if it goes the other way and you find it insensitively mocking or hurtful, I apologize). Anyway, I’m writing this to tell you that I think you’re amazing. The way you write is phenomenal and your resilience as a person to live in a world that still tells you you cannot live it no matter how far you go to make yourself better inside and out is incredible to me and your beautiful strength in leaving yourself- flaws, fears, and all- out in the open to be judged from afar is without a doubt nothing short of amazing. You are amazing. So is your book- like, wow wow wow. I didn’t expect to have the deep reaction that I had because, as you keenly remind the reader, nobody but you knows the true story you’ve never told. The thing is, I am the kind of person who is truthfully not overweight but will spend her entire life being told she is obese and trying not to believe it anymore; my own sister began the train of fat jokes the day I was born (a literally true story) and I was tormented over my weight all through school until my ass became an asset and I was sexually harassed with a barrage of extremely insulting compliments. Your book, beyond my wildest dreams, has given me a new way to channel the trauma I sustained into something that doesn’t hurt me so badly and doesn’t control my life. You are an extremely powerful writer, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I wanted to tell you I wholeheartedly admire for the woman that you are. I haven’t finished the book yet and when I do you can probably expect an in-depth love letter if I can find a place to send you fan mail, but until then, let me just say (since you dedicated Hunger to your sunshine): may your sun find you every minute of the day, may it fill every corner of your world, may it give you the light that you give it, and best of luck with acquiring a tiny baby elephant.

I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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