What you gave him was something

So monumental you naturally forged it

Into something unforgettable.

You’re not fireworks on New Year’s Eve,

You’re the Big Bang- Life illuminated.

There aren’t words for that known

To a monosyllabic tongue like his.

But, nevertheless, he wanted something

And you gave him just what that was,

The golden egg your pet dragon begged you

Guard with your life in each waking hour-

Please… vigilance, and don’t forget, care.

Oh no, but you loved this boy, you truly did.

Oh no, and he really loved you, didn’t he?

You had trust and respect and it was all good,

Wasn’t it? Did you catch the change in him-

When he looked at you with less affection,

Spoke to you with less of what you needed to hear

And over time, castles crumble, don’t you know?

Maybe love is nothing more than a romantic word

We throw around when we don’t want to call

Our lives a war to be won, and darling you lost.

Maybe you brought a fist to a gun fight,

Maybe he brought a gun to a fistfight,

And he took you for what he saw

That you were worth in a soft golden halo,

He stole what you’d given him wordlessly,

That monster-boy! And he made it seem worthless.

He never bothered trying to make you happy,

Never bothered to try pretending he cared for you.

Proud of yourself for falling for him?

Proud of yourself for catching his eye?

Proud of yourself for being what he took for granted?

Or are you proud of yourself for standing up?

For growing strong again- smart girl, you got up

And after all this time, strong girl, you healed

Just enough to keep breathing and put yourself first

You gave yourself what you deserved

And you walked away.

But on the inside, a part of you is still trapped

Like a lock of hair caged in a locket

All because you still haven’t forgotten him,

Haven’t talked yourself into losing what you had

And don’t you worry, that’s perfectly fine

It’s quite alright, you know.

You’re not the crazy witch you’re so scared of looking like

You’re just a girl,

With a big heart and a big mind

You’re just a girl

Who cares.

Thank you for reading.


I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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