“I fell in love with you.”
That was your worst mistake
I was more lost than Alice
And madder than Hatter
And you got close anyway
Like a fool does every time
Don’t get me wrong now
I came to adore you too
But you know what else I adore?
What I love the most actually.
My own best interest realized.
I showed you pleasure
You should have known
That I’d show you every pain
Just in the interest of self-protection
I’ve always known this
Only here’s the thing
I had a decent childhood
A happy one even
But there’s this place
An island where everything lost goes
So I thought I had found my soulmate
I gave him the pieces of my self-respect
That I saved just for me
And the next thing I know I’m waking up
In these shallow waves on the beach
Of that island
Like I said before: LOst Alice and mAd HaTTeR
But there’s more to my story
I have a fondness for survival
And Hatred is a powerfully demanding mistress
Then there’s Revenge with her fangs
Last but not least we have this process, my pet project
Self-discovery. Nobler pursuits evade the mind.
Do you see? I’m a noble villainess.
Does that make me the real villainess?

Photo by Matt Helbig on Unsplash

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I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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