A story of a girl bullied as a child, trying to help people in high school, and successful in different aspects of her life as an adults.

Photo by Chris Sabor on Unsplash

Are we out of the woods?

Gongs sound in my mind

To wash out the cries of fallen soldiers,

All their devastation attributed to one-

The one person who has devastated

Everywhere she went from birth on.

I fall, I cry, I scream, and I am no more

Now I pray for the memory to go away

As I know there’s more and more victims

I know she does today what she did

To me all those years ago

And all I can do is walk quietly behind

Trying to pick up the pieces of girls

Just like me who’s she’s destroyed.

But my hands don’t know how to heal

The damage that can never be undone.

The disease she spreads is incurable,

And what is anyone? Nothing.

We’re out of the woods.

“Look, I’m sorry for what happened. I’m sorry for what I did and what I didn’t do but I can explain. I’ve never met a self-respecting woman or at least I’ve never interacted with one. But you’re different, like some alien to creature when I first met you. Now that I’ve gotten to know you I’m different to cause I adore you. You’re smart and strong and such a sore winner which is indescribably annoying. You know what else pushes my buttons about you? You make me feel stupid because your wit always runs circles around me. But I could listen to you talk all day. Look, we stopped dating because I couldn’t handle what you but please believe me when I swear to you that I get it now. You’re not hard to get, you’re hard to earn. That’s so much better. Look, I’m not going to stand in the pouring rain at 2am and serenade you or even quote a Taylor Swift song. I’m not sure if I love you or not cause I’m a little bit afraid of you. But what am I sure of is that a lot of men spend their days searching for greatness and I used to search too but that’s done. When I look at you I see the ultimate greatness.”

“Then this is never going to work. I’m not your ultimate greatness, I’m damaged goods. I’m worthless and I’m broken. Everyone else sees me that way. Eventually, you’ll see that what you believe to be a firestorm is actually the remains of a candle; someday, if we’re still together, you’ll figure out I’m not as great as all that. You’ll resent me for being a waste of time, you’ll want me gone, you’ll find someone else who takes your breath away, and I think we’ll both wind up hurt. I’m sorry, but you were right the first time.”

“No, you’re no candle. You set me on fire, you watch me burn with that look on your face that I want to see everyday if I can, and you tell me I’m doing it wrong because it’s in your nature. It’s who you are and who you are is exactly the woman I never realized I so obviously needed in my life until you had already made me better. Also, you’re drop dead gorgeous and so beautiful. I’m sorry for never having the courage to tell you that if you’re sorry for making yourself hard to not be attracted do.”

“What, I’m hard not to date, is that what you’re saying?”

“Yes. I’m saying I need you as my best friend because of what’s on the inside, but everything going on on the outside is going to make you irresistible. By the way, you have permission to date your boss’s brother; I asked when I cleared your schedule for the rest of the day and this weekend, you little workaholic. I left your charity functions, all I changed was that you’d be bringing a plus one.”

“You’re hard to say no to.”

“In that case, will you grace me with your presence for a lunch date? And, tell me why you think you’re damaged, why you feel broken.”

“It started with a little girl who was a bit of a juggernaut…”


I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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