Hello, where on earth have you been

Where were you when I was waiting

I was hurting every second of the day

But since you came it’s felt sort of easy

And I don’t want to go without your words

In my ear in the mornings when I’m not alone

I don’t want to go back to being silent and

Ignored and never, ever seen. Now that you’ve

Come, and seen me, all I can do is wonder

What I’d do if by some cruel twist of fate I didn’t

Have you in my life anymore. You with your humor,

With your sweetness, with your understanding,

And with the way you’re here to share… I can’t

Imagine what would happen if you left me just

So suddenly as you entered my life

With one door thrown open. All my windows

Were boarded but Then there was you, oh you.

You look the kind to play me like your first guitar,

Slam me like a drum stashed under the garage

But you made my strings sing like my violin

And now I’m left remembering how much miss

My days of being myself at home with just my music

One concerto after another, and I felt alive whenever

I saw your face or heard you call. Because you know me

And you notice little things every day because you care.

And it’s so revolutionary to me that you care. But you care.

Sorry if I’m bad at this, it’s pretty new to me and it doesn’t

Help when I’m expecting what I’m used to and you decide

To be a perfect gentleman instead, I’m off my guard

And you like that, you think it’s funny when I’m flustered

And blushing and one big mess because you like to know

That you see me as I am and honestly I wouldn’t have it

Any other way. I know You and my best friend are trying to

Figure out where you stand but you don’t know how she feels

And you don’t know how I feel cause she and I have talked

This over. We’ve talked about this. About you. In the quiet times

When I was breaking down or when I stood atop the world,

Your goofy smile, your jokes, and your big eyes that I never

Noticed were as nice as they are (until now) have held your own,

Yes, your very own place in the front seat of my crowded mind.

I don’t what am I do and I have no idea what are you thinking

But, hey, you’re the best part of my day. I miss you already.

Where you were you all throughout my past

When all I needed was your sweet laugh.

There were years before now but I don’t think about them,

Because I refuse to dwell on what it was like before you

Came along and took my world by storm. One day at a time.

Though I knew you, I never knew you before. I think I do now.

You’re strong to surprise and brave enough to take me on

And, my god, you’re so funny even I’m not witty enough for you.

I’m not good at this! But, hey, I like that.

I told you once before I wanted to find someone who cared about me

The way you cared about your bowl of crab legs and was as

Generous with me as you were with just about everyone

And you shrugged, telling me it didn’t cross your mind that you

Should have just replied that what I was looking for was exactly you.

I’ve never told you this before

But you built feelings in my core.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash

Thanks so much for reading this poem. It was partially inspired by Jazalyn (who’s an amazing poet with a style I’m such a fan of) and named after Jamie from The Last Five Years because the soundtrack is stuck in my head. I know I don’t typically explain different facets of a poem like this, but I wanted to share the details with you. For more like this (as well as short stories and personal essays on mental illness and sexual harassment) you can visit me here or check out my most recent pieces:

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I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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