If You’re Anything Like Me II

(For Starters You Have A Lot to Say)

If you’re anything like me

You learned about love from a young age

Because your parents are good people

Even when you’re family is flawed

And because a boy told he loved you

That you were going to be his girl

When all he really wanted to do was take advantage

Because you were so young and naive

While he was more self-serving than you could have imagined

And not nearly as sweet as he seemed

But you don’t think about him anymore.

If you’re anything like me,

It’s all about you

You have to be your own first priority

Eyes on the prize- your future

The life custom made for you, by you

You’re ambitious as all get all

Even when you make sacrifices to get there

If you’re anything like me

You are a dominating business woman,

Taking the whole world one conquer at a time

But then what you are

Is a little mouse of a girl, shriveled up in a corner

You’re learning to navigate the seas of your own mind

One measly little laughs-a-lot-screams-a-lot day at a time

And you aren’t convinced anyone can see who you’ll someday be

Even you, these days

If you’re anything like me

You will always be a work in progress.

A work in progress constantly creating works in progress

Because (See above)

If you’re anything like me

You have an awful lot to say

It comes flying out in an awful lot of poems, in an awful lot of folders

It works itself into every story and novel you write

And sometimes it even presents itself in straight plain words

So all of your I-have-something-to-share-something-I-wrote beauties

Find homes published spread across the internet

And you’re still I work in progress even when your

People. Places. Worlds. Emotions. Rampages. Lovelies.

Are public for the world to see

If you’re anything like me

This process is not so wonderful when you have to use your mouth

Because no one can follow your train of thought half the time

And while you’re trying to manage your mind

So it can work as a united front

The words get jumbled, tumbling… tumbling in the wrong order

If you’re anything like me

You leave people amazed for a few different reasons

Which is fine by you

And your lifelong goal, of being

Known for something, realized


Thanks for reading the second part of my previously published poem. Looking for more? Here is a personal narrative from another character’s perspective.

I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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