If the grass grows green,

Let it be always sunny

“Cloudy day at the park” by Felipe Santana on Unsplash

King Midas put his hands on the throne.

He put his hands on me again,

He told me he could regrow my wings

If only I would let him make me pure

But I don’t let him touch me anymore

Because I can’t stop thinking that I can’t stop thinking

That I gave him power, and I can’t give him anything.

Midas, tell me where I went wrong,

Didn’t I care for you, and wasn’t I who you wanted?

I walk my talk, I keep every promise, I hide my wishful thinking

But maybe the problem is I have no time for conversation,

At least not with a man like you- anyone at all like you.

She confessed to telling you about me, but her face isn’t mine

She asked if I remembered her and I smiled, I told her of course…

See, everywhere I go I see people coming at me, but no. Still-

At the end of the day, the lights go down and I’m alone in my mind.

The more I think about it, it looks like we’re running out of time.

So all this ends now, now, right now, it ends now or never.

“people standing beside white house” by Martha Dominguez de Gouveia on Unsplash

You can sometimes try me the way it seems I used to try jewelry

Looking back at two years ago, I’m sorry to you now

I never meant to tease you, and it shocks me I could be so blind

In my dreams, there’s a place where love conquers all

In my dreams, there’s you- face and voice I feel with eyes closed

A face and a voice that I would recognize anywhere, so these days

I don’t trust the ever-changing, ever-constant moon.

Even though the moon is me- begging to be loved

As she makes shores in far-off lands bend and break for her pull

“red moon during nighttime” by Nick Owuor (astro_nic) on Unsplash

I wish I saw the vibrations when you’re choking on your words

And you pull back, retreating from me looking all misled

You make a mess in my head, I wish I could clean up your head

I’m must be five minutes from a triggered heart attack

And I think you must have gone and made me a maniac

But there’s no reason for you to ever know what you don’t know

And you don’t know how clear my head seemed when

My heart believed you when you swore I’d be the one to fix you

I am not the top running ‘round past dawn,

You’re not the type to admit your wrongs

So check please, let’s move on

I wanted to be loved, do you feel anything at all, Midas answer me

I still see your friends way too much- they talk like everything’s happy,

They drink, talking and laughing like I know you do when you drink,

And, oh my god, sometimes it almost seems they laugh like I used to

Some nights under crescent moons, they fall in love in my backyard

All the while, since you, all I do is cower in the corner

Since you walked out of my life, conversations are way too hard

I went tumbling down, I tried to reach your high

And I let everyone down and I broke down when I collapsed

But I was their darling starlet and I scream too loud when I speak

I should’ve known the truth would really hurt,

Even more than secrets can kill us all if we keep them too long

So, Midas please tell me your truth but stay where you are.

And I will make your grass grow green if you bring back my sin.

“empty white wooden bench beside green wall” by Hal Ozart on Unsplash

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