I Walked With You Once

I know you

I saw your face

And I saw your form

Standing in a dream

I know you

Because you are an omen

Of strange ugly ideas

In my head

And I know you

I put ideas in your head

And I’m not the only one

Because I know you

And I can see that you’ve got friends

That make you do a lot of things

Do they know you?

Do they see the tears you cry;

Hear your voice when you’re in need

You may be the type of guy

Who I’ve been dealing with since preschool

The godforsaken type who comes after me

Who can never leave me alone

But will never get me to give myself to him

The type who messes with me and…

Has feelings he’d do anything to hide

But I see you and I hear your voice everyday.

I know you

The type of guy whose inner thoughts

Feel like a lot to deal with more often than not

And make him feel like he’s so different

But I know you

You’re one of us, part of this big family

I know you

You’re the type of guy who is chaos, pure chaos

With a younger sister who is super smart

And a mom who worries a lot

And all these ways of covering yourself up

You’re that type of guy,

I know.

And I would put myself on the line for someone like you

But I won’t venture out into the wilderness for your type

Because you’re always too scared, too shy to open a door

I know you, don’t I?

You tease everyone you meet

And no one really likes you on the outside

But you’re so funny and we can see you’re smart. And… kind.

Only thing is your sweet little heart is afraid to be nice.

You have your ways of making people feel awful, don’t you?

I’ve fended for myself against every single one, haven’t I?

I think I may have earned your respect by now

I know you

So I may be punishing you for those things you’ve done-

They aren’t little to me and the other forgotten souls you hurt

But sometimes we are two of a kind.

And I know you.

I can see through the facade

You may just possess the widest grin I’ve ever encountered

But the dimples aren’t enough to mask your eyes

I can see you’re a nervous little rabbit on the inside

Just like a boy- more scared of me than I am of you

I see through those comments you make,

When you’re threatened or ready to leave your skin miles behind

But would that make you free?

Because you’re beautiful when you’re free

I know you well enough to remember who you’re capable of being-

I know you, remember?

I know you.

“Woman with long-hair sleeping on the brick balcony edge among skyscrapers in New York” by Hernan Sanchez on Unsplash

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To me, having poetry inside your heart is simply a matter of hearing the angels sing. I try to write that.

I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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