Formatting note: A quote indicates a change in speaker. The characters are a man who has just been arrested and one has come to visit him; with their pasts intricately tied together, they discuss their mistakes among other things. I hope this info makes the conversation easier to follow, as this is nothing but dialogue.

I’ve realized our situations are the same

I was hurt by someone I loved dearly

So I had to strike out and I was preoccupied

By the time I looked up I’d sacrificed you

And done much more damage than intended

You’re exactly as blind as I was

You were hurt by the one you loved

So you were desperate to damage him back

And you thought of no person or thing but that

By the time you took your blinders off

Your brother was dead

Your nephew will know a mother but no father

His uncle knew a father but no mother- the same, no?

One because of your misdeeds and one because of mine

You may resent me as suits you,

I’d be astounded if you didn’t

But whether you like it or not young man

You are like me even if you are unlike your father

I was raised in the shadow of evil

And never knew what love was

Meanwhile your crush said no

And you really think we’re the same?

Photo by Sergiu Vălenaș on Unsplash

Just so.

And if you get a big head about yourself

Get off your high horse and look around

One of us is sleeping inside a prison cell

And one of us is outside of it, free to go

You may think you have a high ground

But you and I are not so different men.

Now shall we discuss the infamous criminals that were our fathers?

I’m afraid I won’t be much good at that,

You see I didn’t have one as a kid

Not until I was a grown man and he a dead one

Did I learn anything about him

He never claimed me, but his mother

Made sure I was always a fish out of water.

You want to claim disadvantages?

Try being disfigured, disabled all your life

I was hidden in cave for more years

Than you were stashed in boarding schools.

Face it. We’ve lived bad lives, done bad things

And came to regret the sins of our fathers,

The mistakes of our past. Face it- we are one.

“A black-and-white shot of two young men in formal attire near a wall” by Caleb Betts on Unsplash

One man, in two parts, huh?

A quarter of a century apart

But really not separated by anything

If you’re trying to claim me for some


Then you’re going to have to actually

Help me this time.

What the reality was

I never would have done

What I did to you.

The mother who pushed me out of her womb

And kicked me out of her life without a thought

The father who stashed me away all my life

And never bothered to give me anything:

You all used me as a pawn

In your twisted game.

Photo by Shirly Niv Marton on Unsplash


Your mother and I are sorry for that now.

Deeply sorry.

Would you let me tell

You about her now?

If we’re going to start playing happy family,

Someone might as well let me know

Who my mother is really.

What’s her first name?

She’s British

Smart, caring

Skilled, dangerous

Independent, fierce

Stubborn and proud.

She has two daughters-

And four grandchildren.

You do have a family,

Or at least you could

If you wanted to try.

They have children.

Tell me- does Anna

Care for all of them

The way she didn’t

Care for me?

That you mean nothing to her

She’s been driving herself wild

Trying to track you down

And somehow protect you

She’s thought of you everyday,

I believe.

Her family with her husband…

Yes, she loves them madly

More than anything in the world

Like I love my family.

People change as their lives do,

You’ve got to understand that.

If it’s a lot to process

My father is dead

My brother’s widow is pregnant

I have half-sisters with kids-

It’s an awfully major adjustment

In the family department,

Wouldn’t you say so?

More time than I do.

Hovering at death’s door?

I mean, you sure aren’t family

But up until a few hours ago

I believed we had a solid friendship.

Just aging much faster

And out of time to be young.

Silence falls.

I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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