Is agony the absence of happiness

Or is happiness the absence of agony

I don’t fear agony anymore

I’ve outgrown fearing happiness too

What I truly fear is the Supreme Emptiness

But is emptiness what makes up agony

Or is it what brings a sense of happiness

Agony and Happiness and the Supreme Emptiness

They’re all interconnected I believe

Photo by Kirstyn Paynter on Unsplash

Oh My God

The final minute of the final hour

Has arrived at my doorstep and now

It’s time to reflect

I never felt the sense that it was time to begin

And now it’s time to reflect

Oh My. Oh My.

Agony- better than emptiness, I’ve thought

Happiness- better than agony, supposedly

Emptiness- more valuable than happiness, possibly

But when it’s time to reflect

I don’t have much time at all

4–21 11:11

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash

The house on the hill

Kitchen’s pale green walls

Sunlight broadly pooling

On the aged tiles

Filtered by flapping white flags

Hanging around only to make the room

Feel more like home

The woman past her glory

But full of love and so alive

Imparting wisdom

The man on his feet

Tired and busy

But smiling still

Lastly, a child

Obedient and sweet

Bright because she knows

She’s tucked in her safe haven

Just a Child,

With a keenly observant mind

Just listening to the world

Absorbent as a school

All from such different lives

All singing to different songs

And all tied in the heart

So fiercely protective

When the chips are down

Because the kitchen

In that house on the hill

Is a memory that can’t be broken

By words or time

When things are out of control

This memory will be the base that stands

4–21 11:35

“A small brick cottage with trees at the back in the middle of a dry plain” by elizabeth lies on Unsplash

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