“cupcakes with icings” by Rod Long on Unsplash
  • She is a feminist and tries to love herself by habitually letting mirrors get dirty.
  • She is a good feminist but a bad mommy, because she has friends instead of kids.
  • Her friends are unsure if she is 5 years old or 75 years young.
  • She changes her outfit consistently sort of but is constantly dependent on pillows.
  • She is bad at arguing when forced to do it out loud to another human’s face but is still passionate in her debates.
  • She likes to cook and mostly naps.
  • She enjoys music and declares it has “always been her life” because it is a truth universally acknowledged that an ambitious child- in possession of absolutely nothing but a broken soul- must be in want of a college acceptance letter.
  • She recently obtained the status of the living meme and feels that the glory of her achievement should cancel out her back pain. She is now confused.
  • She is currently hungry but is committed to day two of her new eating plan but is *really* hungry. Also really aware that there is foods an arms length away.
  • She doesn’t understand. She is very emotional but also a part-time rock. She has breakdowns sometimes but knows an auto repair guy who provides discount parts.
  • Her paycheck, which was due the 30th of last month, is late- but she doesn’t have to make rent for the 1st of the month so she is fine.
  • Deep down she wishes the scale in her bathroom worked or she knew how to use the scale in her gym. Instead, she exercises patience, clinging to the vague notion of a doctors appointment next month.
  • While she was never a kewl kid, in optimal conditions she occasionally was perceived as a cool kid. Possibly. She intends to be so successful in the future she’ll be able to purchase amnesia.
  • For a humble non-photographer, she takes too many photos. She also retains too many memories.
  • She forgets her sunglasses frequently but has enough lip balms per purse to fashion a new pair with her sundry improv skills.
  • She is not an architect, an engineer, a mathematician, or a scientist. She is not an alcoholic.
  • With increasing frequency, she meditates because she would like to sleep but by now has forgotten the mechanics of it as she is also not a mechanic. She is searching for the ideal ASMR video but people keep making weird noises.
  • Her favorite words include the following: month, girls, infinitely, direction, siracha, and Teletubby.
  • She enjoys Philadelphia and likes the notion that she can rap too much to actually try rapping.
“lighted buildings at golden hour” by Master Wen on Unsplash
“high rise buildings” by chuttersnap on Unsplash

I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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