A short story about little girls who loved their Daddy.

“Hopeless is a state of mind,” the tall woman mused as she heaved her new sofa into its place on her living room floor. Her youngest daughter had a rowdy game playing with her miniature soccer ball and her oldest was braiding a doll’s hair on the bottom step. The staircase in their new home was wide enough for the girl and the doll; Vivia felt pride swelling in her chest just drinking in the sights of the place.

“What does that mean?” Karla’s doll asked. Karla herself hadn’t spoken in over a year, but her therapist and her therapy doll were beginning to poke their heads out of the shell. Viva looked over.

“It means,” she answered slowly. “That feeling like there’s nothing good coming to you is not a place you can be in this world, it is merely a dream.”

“A dream?” Laurie repeated groggily. She raised her small arms in the air for her sore mother to lift her up. Karla was coming to grasp the rest of what her mother had said.

“A place in this world,” the doll whispered. “Is that what we have now?”

“Yes, my darling, a place in this world is exactly what we have now. And we’re always going to.”

“Mamma, do you think Daddy will know where to find us if we stay here, in the new place?” Karla’s eyes were as wide as her doll’s, trimmed with fear. She was growing like a fire in the forest, but her mind was still fragile and youthful. It was a nightmare to her to think that her Daddy wouldn’t be able to reach her. Luckily, she had Vivia to assuage those fears. She shifted Laurie’s weight to one arm, extending the other for a waiting hand to seek shelter in. With a long and slow blink to steel herself, Vivia lead the three of them outside to sit and watch the sunset.

“There’s your daddy,” she told them. The girls jumped for joy, throwing their hands together in the air.

“Where?” Laurie cried excitedly. In truth, she was only just learning what some of the common words meant and she had next to no recollection of her father, but she knew her mother and sister missed him terribly and that he wasn’t with them when they left the old home and came here, and that “Daddy” meant something wonderful.

“Look there,” Vivia answered. “There’s something big and bright in the sky. That’s where Daddy is.” Her daughters oohed and aahed, comforted in a simple way.

A few hours went by and, after they’d had dinner and cleaned up, they were sitting outside again. Vivia was counting the minutes until she had to go back to work, knowing her new mortgage would need a bit more overtime pay then she’d originally planned. Laurie was half-asleep and Karla’s doll was already nestled in bed. It was a silent moment on the first night of their new beginning.

“Look, girls,” Vivia eventually said. “Right up there is the star you and me pointed out to each other every night when we were sleeping next to sidewalks, or in the park. It’s really bright tonight, isn’t that pretty?”

“Bright?” Laurie cried out. “That’s where Daddy is!”

Viva nearly cried and she laid a finger on Karla’s cheek in case there was a tear to be wiped. But in the end, all she could do was lock her eyes on the North Star and say yes.

Thanks for reading this short story about a connection between Heaven and Earth. If you liked it, please let me know or check out this series for more like it.


I write poetry, prose, and personal pieces. All images are mine unless indicated otherwise. Feel free to leave feedback on my work anytime; I hope you enjoy.

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